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Sustainability 101 for C-Suite Officers

For Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Financial Officers of Fortune 500 companies, small business owners

The only C-Suite position that has been created in the last twenty years is the Chief Sustainability Officer. Every day, those individuals are working with their C-Suite counterparts to impart an understanding about institutional change necessary for the corporation to meet their sustainability goals and commitments. However, most of the CSO’s leadership counterparts have not been trained about sustainability benefits and how they can positively affect their business. They are speaking different languages and operating from different platforms of understanding. In meetings with the C-Suite officers, it was made clear that they would prefer not to attend public sustainability trainings because it would reveal their lack of knowledge in this highly-publicized and politicized arena. Providing this workshop will allow the C-Suite Officers to learn (with their peers only] so that they can gain accurate knowledge in sustainability and how it relates to their business practice and operations.

This workshop will provide C-Suite Officers with the foundational knowledge and understanding required for them to make strong, informed decisions regarding their company’s sustainability plan and corporate social responsibility choices.

Specific areas covered will include sustainability principles, terms and concept and the recent rise of corporate change in this segment. Using the LEED rating system, instructors will explore the five major credit categories (Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality) and the reasons why these issues were determined to be the most impactful with regards to environmental change. Finally, instructors will use current Fortune 500 companies as case studies to examine the changes made in supply chain, building design and construction, and corporate culture and how those choices have positively impacted both our communities and the corporation’s reputation as a sustainability change leader. Participants will gain an understanding of how sustainability can affect their ROI, measure building systems efficiencies and their carbon footprint. To satisfactorily complete the program, the workshop must be attended in its entirety and an understanding-level test passed at its completion. Number of instructional hours: 12.

13FS1000 Sep 19 & 20 (W&Th, am-pm)
13FS1001 Nov 5, 7, 12, 14 (M, W, T, Th, am-pm)


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