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Recruit An Intern

What is an Internship?

The Internship Program at Southern Polytechnic State University is a short-term or time-limited work experience in a professional environment where students have the opportunity to gain meaningful skills related to their academic program of study.

Advantages for Employers include:

  • Allow employers to utilize talented students who can accomplish critical tasks for busy professionals

  • Creates an established relationship before graduation that may result in possible cost saving efforts for entry-level hires.

Getting Started

The process for employers who want to participate in our Internship Program is . . .

  • Create your company profile (along with a statement that you are an AA/EEO employer) and contact information in our CAREER LINK jobs database.  
  • Once you have completed that information, we will activate your account.
    • NOTE: Please allow 24-48 hours for processing during business hours.

  • After your account has been activated, you can add your job description to the CAREER LINK database.
  • Once your Internship job announcement is posted, candidates who meet your requirements will apply based on your application instructions.
  • Contact the students you have selected for interviewing and schedule the interview.
  • Interview the selected students.
  • Notify the student directly in writing regarding any offer of internship employment.
  • A copy of this letter must be forwarded to Program Coordinator and should include:
    • Job title
    • Brief description of job responsibilities
    • Start and end dates
    • Salary
    • Name of the direct supervisor and contact information (phone number and email address)

Remember: Job assignments must be related to the student’s major field of study.

Contact Program Coordinator via email or by phone at 678-915-7391 for any questions.

Employer Expectations

  • Determine the work objectives
  • Determine the length of the internship assignment
  • Assign a supervisor to the student who has credentials in the field
    • During the work assignment the student will most frequently interact with his or her immediate supervisor
    • Provide work experience related to the student's academic program
    • Pay a wage commensurate with the skill level of the student / position
    • Provide the student with an evaluation of performance at the end of the assignment

Employer Orientation Check List

The following is a suggested list for supervisors.  You may wish to utilize some or all of these in your initial orientation with internship students.

Orientation To The Company 
Organization Chart Timesheet Dress Code
Office Hours Overtime Lunch
Parking Benefits Office Supplies

GAIN Internship Collaborative

 Intern Salaries

Updated 08-01-12