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Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)

  Transition Courses:

 1 ACCT 5002 Survey of Financial Accounting 1.5 hr If not taken Accounting I
 2 ACCT 5004 Survey of Managerial Accounting 1.5 hr If not taken Accounting II
 3 ACCT 5007 Intermediate Accounting I 3   hr Prerequisite: Accounting I               and Accounting II or ACCT 5002 and 5004
 4 ACCT 5009 Intermediate Accounting II 3   hr  Prerequisite ACCT 5007
 5 ACCT 5011 Advanced Accounting 3   hr  Prerequisite ACCT 5009
 6 ACCT 5013 Cost Accounting 3   hr  Prerequisite ACCT 5009

A grade of “B” or better is required for each transition course.

MSA Course Sequence: Track 2 Complete degree in one year

Semester/Sessions:   Course
Fall Semester  
     1st Session ACCT     6003   Accounting Theory
  MGNT 6059       Legal Environment
     2nd Session ACCT     6006   Advanced Management Accounting
  ACCT     6030 Taxation of Entities
Spring Semester  
   1st Session ACCT     6007 Advanced Acct Information Systems
  ACCT     6078 Fund Accounting
   2nd Session ACCT     6013 Emerging Auditing Technology
  ACCT     6058 Financial Statement Analysis
Summer Session  
   Required ACCT     6021 Professional Judgment
   Pre-requisite: ACCT 6007 & ACCT 6013
 Electives: ACCT     6068 International Accounting
  ACCT     6053 Business Valuation and Performance
  ACCT     6045 Forensic Accounting
  ACCT     6075 Tax Planning & Research

A grade of “C” or better is required for each course with an overall “B” average.