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Biology is the science of life and living organisms, so this field changes rapidly and dramatically as new information is discovered. More than any other field, Biology encompasses a great scope of exciting topics ranging from ecology and environmental sciences to how the human body works and fights off diseases. Biological research is currently working on some of the world's most interesting problems, like how to solve global warming, how to decipher all the information stored in human DNA, or how to combat diseases like cancer and diabetes or pathogens like HIV, Influenza, and antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

The Biology program at Southern Polytechnic State University prepares students to meet the challenges of this evolving field. Core biology courses give students a broad understanding of the many scientific disciplines, and four biology "tracks" allow students to customize their biology education to suit their particular interests. The majority of biology classes at SPSU include a laboratory section that gives students invaluable hands-on experience performing and designing experiments. SPSU is a teaching-oriented university, so students receive the personal attention they need to succeed in classes and in their future occupations.

We hope you will join us here at SPSU during the most exciting era of Biology!  Check out all the options you can pursue within the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.