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Minor in Biology

Knowledge of biology is highly desirable as an adjunct to many other majors and professional fields. The minor in Biology will provide a concentration in modern biological sciences and is especially valuable to students who are considering graduate studies in biomechanics, biomedical engineering, or the management of a biologically-based company. It is also valuable to students in engineering majors who wish to broaden their education in the fields of environmental and ecological sciences. The minor in Biology provides a comprehensive, well-rounded education that allows students to be more competitive in the job market.

Curriculum requirements for the minor in Biology:

1) A minimum of 18 semester hours of Biology coursework;
2) 9 of the 18 hours in Biology must be upper level courses (2199 or above)
3) Students who use BIOL 2107/2107L and/or 2108/2108L (or BIOL2107K and BIOL2108K) to satisfy Core D requirements cannot use these courses to satisfy the requirements of the minor.