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Information for Faculty

Students with Disabilities (SWD) will identify access to accommodations through the Faculty Accommodations Form (FAF) at the beginning of the semester.  The FAF is provided by the Office of Disability Services, please discuss the accommodations listed on this form with the student and devise an implementation plan as the accommodations pertain to your course. You will need to sign this form, you will receive a copy for your records in a sealed envelope via the student shortly after signing.

Faculty Course Checklist 

Syllabus Statement

All faculty should include a Disability Services statement in their course syllabus. A sample statement is provided below:

In compliance with applicable disability laws, qualified students with a disability may be entitled to reasonable accommodations. As a student, it is your responsibility to timely contact the Office of Disability Services to document and arrange for reasonable accommodations. This should generally be done the first week of classes or prior to any deadlines.

Phone: (678) 915-7244
Fax: (678) 915-7913

SWD Testing Procedures

When a student has been granted a testing accommodation through the Office of Disability Services, please follow the guidelines below to ensure that disability testing is conducted properly:

  • Clearly communicate with the student the start time and location for testing. If a student arrives late to the testing appointment, discretion is up to the faculty/staff on whether to modify the initial start time.
  • Confirm with the student that the testing appointment does not interfere with their schedule for others courses.
  • Dedicate the specified amount of time (time-and-a-half / double) to monitor student testing. 
  • Ensure that the testing location you placing them to test is an appropriate environment.  Inappropriate environments include rooms where conversations are occurring, rooms with ringing telephones and/or pedestrian flow cannot be controlled.   
  • **You can encourage a student to check out noise cancelling headphones from the DSP office prior to testing to ensure that environmental noise is kept to a minimum during the testing session.
  • The test can not be taken/pulled/ or concluded prior to granting full extent of timing specified on the FAF form, unless the student turns in the exam stating they have completed.
  • Every student must adhere to the Code of Conduct/Jurisdiction Procedures to ensure academic integrity is upheld.

SWD Testing Policy 

Note Taker/Tape Recorder Requests

The student may attempt to obtain notes from other students independently; however, assistance in locating a note-taker may be needed. 

Note Taking Request

Tape Recording Requests

Required Course Materials to check for Accessibility

  • YouTube Videos must have accurate captioning.
  • Websites students to visit as a course component.
  • Scanned or Uploaded Materials (Journals, Periodicals, Newspapers) must be initially scanned or uploaded with the OCR Compliant feature activated.  Staff in the Library can assist with ensuring this is done properly.   
  • You must obtain the captioned version of movies or documentaries, activate captioning per request.
  • Podcast Materials.

Universal Design in Higher Education

Information and techniques for working with SWD populations:

Deaf or hard of hearing
Student with Learning Disorders
Blind Students
Students with Partial Sight
Students with Mental Health Disorders
Students with Mobility or Manual Impairments
Students with Acquired Brain Injuries
Students with Behavior Disorders
Students with Asperger's Syndrome
Asperger's Syndrome (from Chronicle of Higher Education)

The Office of Disability Services does not expect you to change course guidelines or standards.  The purpose of accommodations is to ensure equal educational opportunity.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Office of Disability Services at 678-915-7244.