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Associate Degree

 If you're undecided about your college major, consider Southern Polytechnic's General Studies program.  Instead of making a career choice before you are ready, why not keep your options open?

We offer a two-year program that enables you to prepare for any major in the University System of Georgia, including engineering, pre-law, pre-med, business, or a variety of other fields.

Our curriculum contains courses in the humanities, social sciences, math, and sciences-and all courses can be used to meet the requirements of the university core curriculum and/or an Associates of Science in General Studies degree.

Our classes are small and our faculty is accessible and dedicated.

Core Curriculum
Area A Essential Skills (9 hours)

ENGL 1101 Composition I 3
ENGL 1102 Composition II 3
MATH 1111 College Algebra 3
MATH 1113 Precalculus  

Area B Institutional Options (4 hours) 

SPCH 2400 Public Speaking 2
STS 2400 Science, Technology, and Society 2

Area C Humanities/ Fine Arts (6 hours)
Take one from each of the following two groups: 

1) Literature of the World:     3
ENGL  2110 World Literature  
ENGL  2120 British Literature  
ENGL  2130 American Literature  
ENGL  2141 Western Literature I  
ENGL  2142 Western Literature II  
2) Art and Culture of the World:     3
ARTS  2001 Art Appreciation  
ARTS  2002 Drama Appreciation  
ARTS  2003 Music Appreciation  
FREN  1002 Elementary French II  
GRMN  1002 Elementary German II  
SPAN  1002 Elementary Spanish II  

Area D Science, Mathematics, and Technology (11 hours) 

Take any two courses from the following for a total of 8 hours:     8
ASTR 1000K Introduction to the Universe  
BIOL  2107K  Biology Principles I   
BIOL  2108K Biology Principles II  
CHEM  1211K Principles of Chemistry I  
CHEM  1212K Principles of Chemistry II  
PHYS  1111K Introductory Physics I   
PHYS  1112K Introductory Physics II  
PHYS  2211K Principles of Physics I  
PHYS  2212K Principles of Physics II  
Take one from the following group:     3-4
MATH  1113 Precalculus  
MATH  2240 Survey of Calculus  
MATH  2253 Calculus I  

Area E Social Sciences (12 hours)
Take one from each of the following four groups:

1) American Context:     3
HIST  2111 U.S. History I  
HIST  2112 U.S. History II  
POLS  1101 American Government  
2) World History:     3
HIST  1011 World Civilization: Ancient  
HIST  1012 World Civilization: Medieval  
HIST  1013 World Civilization: Modern  
3) Behavioral Sciences:     3
ECON  1101 Introduction to Economics  
PSYC  1100 Contemporary Issues in Psychology  
PSYC  1101 Introduction to General Psychology  
4) Cultures and Societies:     3
ANTH  1102 Introduction to Anthropology  
ES  1100 Ethnic Studies  
GEOG  1101 Introduction to Human Geography  
POLS  2401 Global Issues  
RELG  1200 World Religion  

Area F (18 hours)

Any course approved in Areas C-F 0-9
Humanities 3-9
Mathematics or Science 0-8
Social Sciences 3-9
Degree Program Total 60 Credit Hours