Meeting of the School of Arts and Sciences                                                        August 18, 2010


Meeting called to order at 10:05AM by Dean Gabrielli


1. New Faculty Introductions


Nancy Reichert announced research assistant possibilities through the Honors Program



2. Nominations

Al Churella led nominations

Moderator and Secretary

                                             Cheryl Shinall – secretary

Arts & Sciences Student Status Committee Member

Promotion and Tenure Committee (3 faculty needed)

Dean Gabrielli advised that it is best for full professors to serve on this committee

Meghan Dillon will serve on the ACC peer committee

Russ Patrick will serve on the ETM peer committee

James Whitenton will serve on the CSE peer committee



2.  Old Business

Dean Gabrielli stated that only two classes have been held in Burruss since its renovation

Nominating Committee


Motion withdrawn.  Mark Stevens and Dean Gabrielli will make a change to the by-laws and bring back to faculty for a vote.


Committee for Salary Issues

AMENDMENT: add: reconstitute the committee in a balanced way

AMENDMENT: add: reconstitute the committee in a balanced way this semester or as soon as possible

AMENDMENT: add: the committee be constituted in a way that represents the make-up of the university


3.  New Business



Dr. Churella turned the meeting over to Dean Gabrielli



4.  Updates


Growth in A&S based on numbers from spring 2010


Question:  Is comprehensive university in the new strategic plan?

Response:  Not formally but in the plan we are operating under it is in the plan and being comprehensive is still the goal of the VPAA.


5.  Webpage

Dean Gabrielli stated that the webpage has been revamped.  It still has a link for faculty and staff but promotion and tenure information can no longer be found here because it is all on the VPAA's webpage.  The address is 


6.  Campus Changes

The following changes affect the College of Arts & sciences the most:


6.  Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Dean Gabrielli stated that this department gives the illusion of being two separate departments.  Biology and Chemistry are together because of the overlap and are located in Building E.  Physics and Astronomy do not have much overlap but have been placed together.  To the students, this will look like two departments but organizationally, it is only one.  In terms of budget, they are separate with the exception of travel and phones.  There will soon be part-time secretary for Biology and Chemistry but we cannot convince the need for a complete split.  Mark Sugowski will be in Phil Patterson's old office and Dean Gabrielli will still be in charge of Chemistry. 


7.  Hiring of professional advisors

Dean Gabrielli explained that CSE got a grant to hire its professional advisor.  Arts & Sciences sort of has a professional advisor but not really.  Jon Lindsay serves for undeclared majors.  A&S does not need one because right now the faculty outnumber the students.  ETM will get a professional advisor and ARCH will get one as well.


Faculty are still obligated to advise and there is a big push to improve advising because faulty are still the frontline for the students


Question: Is there a consideration for Psychology faculty?

Response: They advisement numbers are still manageable so no.


8. STEM Mini Grants

Dean Gabrielli explained this is a way to introduce innovative ways to promote STEM education, performance and recruitment

A & S has some

Dean Gabrielli encourages interested faculty to apply


9.  George Stickell

Dean Gabrielli introduced George Stickell to the faculty and allowed him the opportunity to speak to the faculty:


Dean Gabrielli anticipates a big success with this program based on the work George Stickell has done so far.


10. Announcements


Motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 11:44AM.



Motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 11:44am.