Meeting of the School of Arts and Sciences                                                        August 18, 2009


Meeting called to order at 9:07AM by Dean Gabrielli


1. Vote for new Moderator and Secretary

All Churella led nominations

Dr. Nuhfer-Halten nominated Al Churella for Moderator and Kami Anderson for Secretary

A nomination from the floor was made to close nomination.  The motion was properly second. The motion carried.

A motion from the floor was made to keep Al Churella as Moderator and Kami Anderson as Secretary.  The motion was properly second.  The motion carried. 


2. New faculty introductions from each department.


Dr. Churella turned the meeting over to Dean Gabrielli


2.  Burruss

Dean Gabrielli stated that only two classes have been held in Burruss since its renovation


3.  Promotion and Tenure Review Committee

Dean Gabrielli explained we needed to elect committees for each department and one for the school wide committee.

There is also a need to elect one person from this school to represent Peer Committees for other schools.  One member has to be on the other school review committees.


There was a motion from the floor to omnibus vote for each of these members to serve on the peer review committee for the other schools in the department.  The motion was properly second.


4.  State of the School

Dean Gabrielli showed the current enrollment numbers to date for the university:

Freshmen – 1,122

Sophomores – 886

Juniors – 918

Seniors – 1,357

Graduate Students – 429

Certificates – 20

Graduate Certificates – 69

TOTAL – 4801


Dean Gabrielli stated these numbers could potentially go as high as 5,200 because there is still quite a bit of enrollment.  Just 200 more enrolled 8/17/09.  There is a big surge expected Friday.  There will be no more late admissions, however there will still be many changes between now and next week.  Last year, our numbers were over 4900.  There are large freshman and senior classes.  Dean Gabrielli stated the unusual senior class size may be due to the possible slow down due to students working, etc.


Unofficially, 46% of these numbers are Arts and Sciences seats.  We carry a large load of the university because of our core curriculum.  Our enrollment:

Math – 52                         1.2%

Physics – 47                    1.1%

Chemistry – 28               0.7%

Biology – 108                  2.5%

ETCMA – 26                  0.6%

TCOM – 62                     1.4%

Int'l Studies – 40            0.9%

Poli. Sci – 1                     0.0%

Psychology – 37             0.9%


TOTAL                             9.4%


This is good for A & S because ½ of these programs weren't even here 10 years ago.  As of now we have 1 student in the Political Science Program.


New Engineering Program (Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering)

Dean Gabrielli explained that this program will bring more students to the university but nay also pull students from existing programs.  The new program will only take freshmen and will not allow transfer students.  Dean Gabrielli cautioned that this program may affect the curriculum with possible changes and differentiation.  There is a desire to squeeze out TCOM 2010 (Technical Writing) and more students will be taking higher math because the program I designed to have more students come in starting with Calculus.  This will also mean more students will take Calculus-based Physics.  Den Gabrielli also noted it will improve the quality of students at the university.         


The numbers are reflective of the night before.  Dean Gabrielli stressed his disappointment because 9% of majors is low considering A & S carries 46% of the course load.  This number should be within 15%-20%.  Dean Gabrielli stressed we need to build enrollment.  Although Psychology is doing very well, there is still room for improvement.


5.  English New B.A.

Dr Nunes discussed the Fine and Applied Art Degree to be submitted this semester.  It will beef up the Fine Art underpinnings currently offered and will be tied to Digital Media.  This degree is as close to offering a BFA as we can get.  Dr. Nunes explained offering a BA in Media Arts is a potentially affordable option to SCAD.


6.  Math

Dean Gabrielli announced the Math Department is looking at introducing a Masters in Mathematics.  The possible stumbling block for this endeavor will be showing that offering a Masters in Mathematics meets a need.


Dean Gabrielli stated that fortunately, we have not received a no from the Board of regents in a long time which has allowed us to make a lot of changes.  Many of the majors we have now weren't here 10 years ago.  We are still lacking in total enrollment. Public Relations has focused on the general image of the university which was successful in generating an 8-10% enrollment increase.  The next phase for Public Relations will be individual programs and ETCMA will be the first program in this phase.


7. Raj Sashti

Raj works with International Programs specifically for faculty.  He will help to secure external funding by working with the VPAA to find private sector funding ($1,000 for study abroad, $50,000 in 3-5 years, open opportunities for MayMester program).  He has a separate identity from Rich Bennett.  He has raised $5 million in the last 10 years with uninterrupted funding for Fulbright.  Raj has made arrangements to meet with departments and is available for questions in his office (J-354).


8. Education Program

Dean Gabrielli states this is moving slowly.  After a meeting with Kennesaw state it is not possible to collaborate because KSU does not have the resources.  The Board of Regents has given permission to develop our own program.


Dean Gabrielli stated that we will need to submit a degree proposal even though it is a concentration.  Additionally, we must present to PSC for teaching certification issues or they will not issue to school.  Dean Gabrielli explained the program should be available next year and that we will need a new hire to handle PSC and the program will have a name similar to Engineering.  Dean Gabrielli will be the honorary Education Dean in preparation and will be going to NCATE


9.  Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Dean Gabrielli stated that this department is now big enough to be 3 separate departments however it is not affordable.  Therefore it will be broken into two: Biology/Chemistry and Physics/Astronomy.  Dean Gabrielli explained that technically this is not affordable either but it is the best route at this time.  Physics will be moved later this year to one building and Biology and Chemistry will stay in the old building.  There will be a budget split which will be administered separately, however on paper they will still be one department.  Dean Gabrielli is hopeful the official split can be made next year.


10. Distance Learning

Dean Gabrielli explained that historically there has been a laissez-faire attitude to distance learning.  IT offers online classes, IDC is online, hybrid and traditional and we have offered individual courses online or as hybrid.


Dean Gabrielli stated that we have offered core courses online via eCore, however West Georgia will taking over eCore administration and SPSU will be moving out of eCore.  Dean Gabrielli explained that it doesn't change much for instructors but:


Dean Gabrielli opened the floor for comments:



Dean Gabrielli asks for a motion.


Dr. Fowler drafted a resolution



11. Swine Flu Contingency Plan

Dean Gabrielli explained that if SPSU has a pandemic to the point of closure we need a plan to deal with classes.  The obvious option is to go online but may be other ways.  Dean Gabrielli charged departments to develop a contingency plan.


12. STEM Mini Grants

Dean Gabrielli explained this is a way to introduce innovative ways to promote STEM education, performance and recruitment

A & S has some

Dean Gabrielli encourages interested faculty to apply


13. Announcements

Dr. Nuhfer-Halten discussed the email distributed in April regarding the list of salaries.  The School of Arts & Sciences fares poorly to other schools in salary.  It is an issue of principle.  Dr. Nuhfer-Halten asks will we be benchmarked by others in our discipline or others in our university?  Salaries should be benchmarked by university. Dr. Nuhfer-Halten requests the establishment of an ad hoc committee to study and implement internal benchmark principles for waging salaries around the university


Dr. Reichert is an agreement


Dean Gabrielli calls for a motion to form a committee.

Dr. Nuhfer-Halten offers the motion for the School of Arts and Sciences to establish an ad hoc committee to examine our salaries against the university.  Motion carries.




Dr. Nuhfer-Halten calls for question.  Motion carries.


Dr. Reichert offers the motion that a group made up of a representative from each department meet to examine data and reconvene in January.



Dr. Newell calls for question.  Motion carries.


Film Series on Campus

10 films: one each month

Please support and ask your students to support as well.

Dean Gabrielli asks for a scheduled to be posted


Dean Gabrielli gives the schedule for the remainder of Kick-off Week


Motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 11:07am.