School of Arts & Sciences Faculty Meetings

Minutes of the School of Arts & Sciences
Monday, August 15, 20045

  1. Meeting called to order by Meg Dillon


  2. Welcome by Dean Gabrielli (AG) and Department Chairs of new faculty members and adjunct faculty in HTC, SIS, Math, and BCP.


  3. Old business


    1. AG announced the first of the A&S "off-campus seminars" to be held Friday, August 28 at 4 pm at Rocco's Pub.


    2. Tom Wiseman asked how to calculate conversion of credit from quarter to semester system and vice versa. He was asked to consult with the Registrar.


  4. New business


      (tabled) Dean Gabrielli announced the need to re-activate the A&S Assessment Committee whose purpose is to assess core curriculum and all degree programs.


  5. Dean's Comments (all by AG)


    1. VPAA Zvi Szafran (Zvi) is "his own man." He is a change from what we've been used to, and we should be prepared to have things shaken up.


    2. SACS is 3 years away, and we have to be preparing for it


    3. We must improve student success rates: in retention and in graduation through changing academic and administrative stumbling blocks.


    4. New degree initiatives will be considered: Chemistry, Geology, Social Sciences, Applied Arts, and Education in the STEM areas. AG indicated that Zvi is an advocate for these education programs where we had none before.


    5. Marietta Middle School teachers were on campus this summer for a workshop in the sciences and math, and Cobb County Math teachers might be coming as well.


    6. Early College proposal - combines HS and 2 years of college in condensed format. SPSU has been invited to submit a proposal to participate in this program which leads to a HS degree and an Associate's degree after four years.


    7. Students will arrive on campus next week.


    8. DCs have budgets for the entire year - SPSU doesn't necessarily look any better, but there is no threat of holding back money from departments. This is being done to improve spending (last AY some monies were not well spent). This includes equipment money.


  6. Announcements


    1. Julie Newell announced Interface and Teaching Partners through the CTE.


    2. Thomas Nisley announced the lecture on the US Constitution and War Powers that is presented to conform to Sen. Byrd's bill that requires that all educational institutions receiving Federal money address the issue of the US Constitution.


    3. Bernice Nuhfer-Halten announced the Scholarship @ SPSU brown bags and Newsletter.


    4. AG announced the meeting of the faculty in J Bldg about the move as a result of the refurbishing of the air conditioning system.


    5. AG announced that Chancellor Meredith's interim replacement is Ms. Corlis Cumming until January, when the BoR's search for a permanent chancellor concludes.


    6. AG announced that Academic Affairs will have an orientation for new faculty Wednesday at 3:30 in Burruss Auditorium.


Respectfully submitted,
Bernice Nuhfer-Halten

Approved by Meg Dillon