Meeting of the School of Arts and Sciences                                             August 12, 2008


Meeting called to order at 9:32AM by Dr. Churella.


1.  New faculty introductions from each department.


2.  Old Business

Dean Gabrielli provided for review the revisions of the by-laws from the April Meeting and stated the by-laws were recently updated with revisions

Dean Gabrielli explained that A & S has a Nominations and Elections Committee without members.  The committee needs two at-large members whose role and responsibility are to nominate colleagues for positions.


Dr. Nancy Reichert nominated herself for the position.


There was a motion from the floor to nominate Dr. Mark Stevens.


Dr. Reichert and Dr. Stevens were unanimously voted to the Nominations and Elections Committee.


3.  New Business

Dean Gabrielli explained that there is a recommendation from administration to institute a First year Experience (FYE).  The FYE will have a theme that will be cross-disciplinary for first-year students and will carry over to speakers, courses and campus activities.


Dean Gabrielli informed A & S has been charged to select the theme for the 2008-2009 school year.  There will also be one faculty member and one at-large member for the FYE standing committee.


Dean Gabrielli opened the floor for discussion on the theme ideas


There was a motion from the floor to postpone implementation of the theme until there is adequate time to prepare.


Dean Gabrielli stated that if A & S does not choose a theme, someone else will choose the theme.


The motion to postpone was withdrawn.


Dr. Newell offered INTERFACE lectures as a way to incorporate the chosen theme.


There was a motion from the floor to use email to discuss the theme ideas and bring to a vote by September 1, 2008.


The motion was amended to discuss and vote by the end of the week.

The motion did not carry.


Dr. Churella called for a straw vote for the topics


4.  Updates and Dean's Remarks

Dean Gabrielli announced that the new degrees of Chemistry and Psychology have 26 and 21 majors respectively.


Dean Gabrielli announced enrollment numbers are up about 6% from last year which puts the school at approximately 4700 students.


Dean Gabrielli announced that the Political Science major and the graduate degree in Information and Instructional Design are still in the decision process and a full proposal will be prepared once the decision has been confirmed.


Dean Gabrielli announced there is a new tutoring center currently in the final stages of construction in Homell Dormitory.  The center will have 2 classroom size rooms, a testing room, offices, a small computer lab and one-on-one tutoring space.  Once furniture is delivered the tutoring center will be staffed and opened early in the semester.


Dean Gabrielli announced the Academic Plan is in the first stages of circulation.


Dean Gabrielli explained that SACS on-site visit is not the only preparation A & S has to point its focus.  An off-site team will be reviewing written materials and as departments there needs to be a focus on plan implementation and assessment for the year.


Dean Gabrielli announced that SPSU may have to cut the operating budget upwards of 10% however we are at an advantage because we are currently in a growth spurt. 

      10% equates to approximately 2.4 million dollars

Typically Academic Affairs accounts for 60% of the operating budget, however, Dean Gabrielli stated that it may only be 50% of the cuts.


There can be no certainty on the amount of the cut or the types of cuts until after elections since we are in an election year.

      Capital Equipment will be cut first by an estimated $300,000 – $400,000

      Any unfilled positions will be cut

o   First Year Experience Director will be a volunteer

o   Critical Searches will be saved




      There is a possibility that travel budgets will be cut as well however, there is no present indication that will happen.


5.  Announcements

Dr. Churella asked to acknowledge Dr. Terry Carter and Dr. Tom Nisley for their work serving as Moderator and Secretary, respectively last year.


Dr. Nunes announced there will be a change in Regents Test that is USG-wide


 Dr. Newell announced upcoming calendar events in the university calendar


Dean Gabrielli announced the status of the Teacher Training Curriculum for STEM Education



Meeting adjourned at 10:34AM.