A & S Faculty Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2008.


  1. The faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences elected Dr. Al Churella for the position of moderator and Dr. Kami J. Anderson for the position of secretary. 


  1. An additional election placed Dr. James Whitenton as A & S representative to the Undergraduate Student Status Committee. 


  1. Next on the agenda was a discussion of A&S By-Laws and a proposal to establish the Executive and By-Laws Committee as a standing committee.


      A motion from the floor called to dissolve the Executive and By-Laws Committee with the understanding the faculty of A&S can create an ad hoc committee as the need arises.  The motion passed.


      A motion from the floor called to delete language in the By-laws that created the Executive and By-Laws Committee as a standing committee.  The motion passed.


  1. Dean Gabrielli made a series of announcements including the news that the school of A&S received an award of $240,000 for stem education in math and science with the expectation of an additional award of $140,000 granted per year. 


  1. The Dean, in his role as acting chair of the department of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, announced that searches are underway for a lab position in biology, and positions in Chemistry and Physics.


  1. Dr Julie Newell, chair of the department of Social and International Studies announced that the search for an assistant professor in psychology is ongoing.  Additionally, the department of SIS hired two new lecturers in history, Roger Soiset and Dana Wiggens.


  1. Dr. Mark Nunes, chair of ETCMA , announced that two new faculty, Lara Palmer and James Warner, will join the department. Dr. Nunes announced a new concentration in Communication and Culture. ECTMA has changed the designation of SPC 2400 to COM 2400.                                                                         


  1. Dr. Andrew G. McMorran, chair of the Mathematics Department announced that Jennifer Vandenbussche will be joining the department.


  1. Dr. Julie Newell thanked to the School of Arts and Science for their support for the Earth Day festival help at SPSU on April 26, 2008.        


The A&S meeting adjourned at 12:55PM; the next A&S meeting will take place during kick-off week for the fall semester. .