School of Arts and Sciences

Meeting 4.10.06



The meeting was called to order at noon by A&S Faculty Moderator Meg Dillon, Math.


Announced agenda

  1. Proposed programs
  2. Election of committee member to Student Status Committee
  3. Election of officers of School of Arts and Sciences
  4. School Peer Committee


1.  Proposed programs

Dean Gabrielli presented the two programs to be proposed to the BoR:  Psychology and Chemistry.  He explained the process that the BoR follows.  Both programs are still in the development phase.  They were presented to the Senate, which tabled the Chemistry proposal, and did not act on the one in Psychology. 


The Dean also announced that the purchase of the Elks Club had not been finalized.  There was some concern expressed that the faculty should have some input in the decision about the new building to be located there. 


Dean Gabrielli also recognized with a token gift the out-going Department Chairs, LaJuana Cochrane, Joel Fowler, and Ken Rainey.  Dr. Rainey’s retirement was also recognized.  Searches for replacements have begun in Math and SIS.  The HTC replacement has already been hired.


2.  Tom Rotnem was elected to the Student Status Committee


3.  Terry Carter, HTC, was elected chair, and Thomas Nisley, SIS, was elected Secretary of Arts and Sciences for AY 2006-7.


4.  Election of members on School Peer Committees was tabled. 




Respectfully submitted,



Bernice Nuhfer-Halten, A&S Sec’y





Meg Dillon, A&S Moderator