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Departments and Degrees

Departments in the School of Arts & Sciences

Biology and Chemistry  
Location:    Building E, Room 183
Phone:   678-915-5100
Fax:   678-915-5101
Web site:   http://biology.spsu.edu/
Department Chair:      Dr. Mark Sugalski (msugalsk@spsu.edu)
Administrative Assistant:  Ms. Desiree Day (dday3@spsu.edu)

Degrees Offered:

Location:    Building J, Room 353
Phone:   678-915-4601
Fax:   678-915-4602
Web site:   http://www.spsu.edu/SPSUTeach/
Program Director:     Dr. Alan Gabrielli (agabriel@spsu.edu)
Administrative Assistant:    Ms. Dorianne Ayala (dayala@spsu.edu)

Degrees Offered:
    • Bachelor of Science in Biology with Teacher Certification
    • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Teacher Certification
    • Bachelor of Science in Physics with Teacher Certification
    • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with Teacher Certification

English, Technical Communications and Media Arts
Location:    Building J, Room 333
Phone:   678-915-7202
Fax:   678-915-7425
Web site:   http://www.spsu.edu/etcma/  or  etcma@spsu.edu
Department Chair:     Dr. Mark Nunes (mnunes@spsu.edu)
Administrative Assistant:     Mrs. Donna McPherson (dmcphers@spsu.edu)

Degrees Offered:

Location:    Building D, Room 113
Phone:   678-915-7235
Fax:   678-915-7680
Web site:   http://www.spsu.edu/math/

Department Chair:  Dr. Andrew McMorran(amcmorra@spsu.edu)
Administrative Assistant:     Ms. Denise Tucker (dtucker@spsu.edu)

Degrees Offered:



Location:    Building E, Room 183
Phone:   678-915-7215
Fax:   678-915-7223
Web site:   http://physics.spsu.edu/

Department Chair:     Dr. Phil Patterson (ppatters@spsu.edu)
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Tarrica Wiley (twiley3@spsu.edu)           

Degrees Offered:


Social and International Studies

Location:    Building J, Room 305
Phone:   678-915-7442
Fax:   678-915-4949
Web site:   http://www.spsu.edu/sis/

Department Chair:     Dr. Julie Newell (jnewell@spsu.edu)
Administrative Assistant:     Ms. Shirnett Campbell (scampbel@spsu.edu)

Degrees Offered: