Department Chair Meeting Minutes
Date: November 13, 2003
Room:J 307 3:00-4:00 PM


Budget: Gabrielli updated the department chairs on the current state of the budget and notified them that the freeze has been lifted on OS&E and travel. It is thought that there will be sufficient funds to cover part-time needs for the spring semester (including full-time temporary instructors) but we may need approximately $60,000 to cover other expenses. To help offset the deficit some departments have offered a portion of their OS&E budgets. Several members of the campus community have offered to teach classes with no compensation.

Gabrielli clarified the confusion about withheld funds from OS&E budgets stating that these funds were deducted from each budget before the budgets were released and that those funds will not be replaced. Each department's budget reports accurately reflect their budget allotment. It is hoped that the equipment money will be distributed sometime in the spring. Gabrielli stressed that departments should spend carefully. Possibly canceling classes with very low enrollments is another cost-cutting consideration.

Budget planning for next year is underway and Hornbeck will begin working with department chairs to develop zero-based budgets.

Summer: Summer classes will be scaled back somewhat in an effort to break even fiscally. According to the Budget office, the University lost money last year.

Distance Learning Fees: The President and senior staff approved the fee structure for distance learning courses and it will be implemented in the Fall.

Advising: Talks continued on advising guidelines and issues including the possibility of adding higher risk students to the required advising pool which is currently students with 60 or fewer hours. Students considered at risk include those on probation, students who have changed majors, transfer students, and reinstated students. Alan reported that Kelly Payton can probably make a report to set alternative pins for these student. Although students with over 60 hours are generally not at risk, the Deans prefer advising all students because of the good feedback they receive especially regarding classes needed by the students. Alan will continue to work with Kelly on several suggestions to:

Alan also suggested that allowing students to change their major on-line might be a good idea and that perhaps students could be encouraged to declare minors and double majors. This might also be added to the written change of major form.

Job Descriptions: New job descriptions for deans and department chairs have been distributed.