A & S Department Chairs Meeting

September 26, 2008


Attendance: Alan Gabrielli, Andrew McMorran, Julie Newell,

Mark Nunes, Philip Patterson and Donna Zeigler


1.     Departmental Updates


Math is still waiting to hear from KSU about the progress on the STEM Education programs. The departmental picnic will be held Saturday October 18, 2008. The faculty are working on two questionnaires for assessment. The first one is Calculators in the Classroom. The second one is Assessing Program Objectives. The Math talk given on September 22 by Dr. Ming-Jun Lai of UGA was very well received. Andrew is part of the new pilot program called Administrative Leadership Development Program. The role of the members on this committee is to obtain an understanding of the university and its various operations, gain insight into leadership styles and each of their own leadership abilities, and also give a critique of the program and how it could do better. The members of this committee include David Stone,   Quint Hill, Robert Forbes, Kasey Helton, Ronald Lunk, Kit Trensch, Jeff Orr, Mary Ellen McGee, and Andrew McMorran. 


Phil said all of their SACS information has been turned in to Jo Galle. Phil has been named the Director of the PSLSAMP program. The objective of this program is to increase the proportion of underrepresented minority student participants in STEM disciplines, to retain minority students in eligible STEM fields, and to prepare them to engage in research opportunities as undergraduates. PSLSAMP seeks to prepare and motivate an increased number of these students to pursue advanced study. The pizza social that was planned for the BCP students had very few students RSVP, so this will be attempted again at a later date. Lab renovations- two are complete so far, two are still under renovation. A cracked pipe embedded in concrete is causing water leaks.  One of the labs will be dedicated to GA Highlands, one will be for biology and the other two will be for physics.


SIS is currently reviewing their learning outcomes; any revisions will be implemented Spring 2009. They finished the International Studies program review at the end of Spring 2008; it is currently being reviewed by the faculty; it will serve as part of their program assessment even though BoR currently doesn't want to see them. They have two new courses added to core options: ES 2100 Ethnic Literatures and Cultures (E-4) and SOCI 1101 Intro to Sociology (E-3). Currently working on the proposal for the Political Science Degree. There was a good turn-out for the Teaching Partners program this term. The department is planning a Veteran's Day observance for November 11, 2008. The new Girl Scout sci/tech representative met with Julie on 9/25/08. The campus Earth Day Festival will be held on April 25, 2009.  They would also like to have some programming/ activity in math. Andrew McMorran asked Julie to send him the information on this project. Julie said she would forward this to him.


They are having their Fall Colloquium Series.

1.     Sept 2, 2008          Matt McCool        -Writing Across Cultures"

2.     Sept 25, 2008        Keith Hopper       -A Collaborative National Study of Single Source and Content Management.

3.   Oct 7, 2008           Nancy Reichert    - Enabling Academia : In Search of an Elevator within the IvoryTower.

4.   Oct 23, 2008         Laura Palmer         - A Comparison of Two Major Plagiarism Detection Programs: Results and Implications for Teaching and Learning.

5.   Nov 11, 2008        Jeff Greene            - Collaborative Learning in the Virtual Classroom: An Application of Game Theory Exercises to Distance Learning

6.   Nov 20, 2008        Kami Anderson     - Defining, Constructing, and Describing my Place: Applying the Identity Biography Model to Barack Obama


Mark and Julie are both on the First Year Experience program planning committee. They have met once and are working on the Interface Lectures listed below as part of this program.


1. Oct 22, 2008   Allen Tullos    (Confirmed)       

- Exploring Southern Spaces An Internet  Journal about the Real and Imagined Places of the American South.- ( Focusing on issues related to publication in an electronic environment and, more generally, public scholarship in a network society.)


2.  Nov 6, 2008    CDC Employee   ( Not Confirmed )

- Epidemiology Global Health Concerns


3.  Nov 19, 2008   Joshua Levy     ( Confirmed )

- Can Blogs Help Change the World?- ( Focus on issues related to how Web 2.0 media changed the face of American politics, and the broader implications of new media to a global, network society.)


Mark will be sending out an email today to Academic affairs about the Interface Lectures,  and will send this information out to the students next week. He would also like to use a wiki with this project. The Grad Program in ETCMA will be adding a Professionalism statement to their application. The ETCMA department and John Preston of the CS department are working on collaborative degrees.

The junior faculty met as a group in September to discuss the reappointment process.

Next Thursday October 2, 2008 from 8-9am there is a Pre-tenure Review meeting.


2.     STEM Tutoring Center

We are close to opening the center. The study carrels are the only items still outstanding. The original plan was to hire STEM and English Tutoring Coordinators, but this is on hold until we know what budget cuts will be imposed.  Jon Lindsay of the ATTIC will be moving to the center to oversee the daily operations. All of the tutoring on the campus will be centrally located in the new Tutoring Center. When Phil Patterson hires an administrative assistant for PSLSAMP that person will also be located in the center. Jon said they might also be able to get two Graduate Assistants to help out in the center.


Education Degrees

The System office definitely supports SPSU offering STEM Education programs with or without KSU. A full secondary education program could be established with just four new faculty and one administrative assistant.  A limited (high school only) program would require only two new hires.



The USG is planning major changes in the administration of the eCore. It is likely that one campus will be responsible for all of the eCore classes, possibly West Georgia.  Web BSIT students are currently able to take all of their classes online, but might not under the proposed change.  Zvi would like for SPSU to develop our own version of eCore. Mark said he did not think it would be beneficial for students to take ENGL 1101 & 1102 online, nor did he think the faculty would agree with it. Alan said the success rates in eCore classes is poor. Phil said they are doing away with PHYS II in eCore as students are not getting what they need from the class. If any faculty are interested in creating an online pilot core class for SPSU delivery, please let Alan know as soon as possible.


5.   Advising

We are beginning a process of including advising in the annual faculty evaluation process. This would include any information as to what they did in their advising roll over that year. This information will be collected to establish what is being done and to determine how to evaluate faculty advising n the future.  Julie said you can use Banner to assign an advisor to students. There is also a comment section where the professor and the students can both see the comments. Julie wrote a user's guide for this and will email it to the other department chairs. As a University we need to improve our advising process. This needs to be done school by school. We need to come up with an agenda for advising. We also need a plan in place for assessing how well we are doing at advising.


6.   Evening Engineering

We are still waiting on the study from GA Tech so we can send the proposal  downtown to the system office.


7.   Gil Express

They are talking about discontinuing this service as of October 1, 2008. Many of the faculty , especially those in SIS, are upset about this as they use this service for research purposes. Alan said he will see what he can do about this matter.


Meeting adjourned at 1:50pm