Department Chair Meeting Minutes
Date: September 8, 2005
Room: D-127


Meeting began 11:10 a.m.

Update from recent Deans Council:

Discussion on eCore Faculty - SPSU had been approached through Extended University Dean Dawn Ramsey. ALT/eCore wants SPSU to take responsibility for recruiting and hiring eCore instructors. After discussing benefits and disadvantages, the decision was made to decline.

Equipment request: There will be a new form distributed for equipment requests. Large amounts may need extra justification. Dept. Chairs will collect equipment requests from their faculty and send prioritized requests to Gabrielli. Funds should be available by October.

BCP department collected $10,000 from lab fee which will be used for his department's purchases. Faculty positions: Approval is pending to begin searches to fill vacant and new positions. Departmental committees should begin, if they have not already started. Pending final approvals, ads can be placed by the end of this month or by October.
Differential tuition in Architecture is being proposed to generate revenue to hire more Architecture faculty.

Department Updates:

HTC Department:
Dr. Rainey reports that there are:

Mathematics Department:

SIS Department:

Physics Department:
Patterson is working on the following:

Gabrielli reminded everyone of mini-bios, to be distributed by Academic Affairs; 1 paragraph for new people with description, degree, where taught before, any special interest

Meeting adjourned 12:00 p.m.