A & S Department Chairs Meeting

September 6, 2007


Attendance : Alan Gabrielli, Julie Newell, Andrew McMorran, Mark Nunes,

and Donna Zeigler. Philip Patterson was not present .



1.                 Departmental Updates


All the background checks have cleared. All of the new adjunct faculty are settled in their offices and routines. The math department is developing and distributing FCARS to all faculty members. Andy is letting them customize these if they wish.



The SIS department is proposing a Sociology core course to the UCC committee. The last background check cleared on Monday. They have a few new adjuncts. The Psychology search is still open, however the Geography search will have to be repeated. The department will be having a retreat that will focus mainly on SACS documentation. The faculty will be using the ICA form instead of the FCARS. Julie stated that the annual performance evaluation Teaching Assessment form will no longer be needed because that information included on the ICA form.



Some textbooks have still not arrived. All of the background checks have cleared. The first lunchtime colloquium for the semester was presented today in M-100 by Dr. Iraj Omidvar. This was done in connection with the Friends of International Studies. There were several people in attendance. The department  will now have a second senator and they are currently working on the election. They are looking ahead at the need for more new faculty in this area. ETCMA received 12 new students this year in the NENU 2+2 program. Dr. Nunes is recommending that these students take ENGL 1102 their first semester here.



2.                 Enrollment Updates

Alan handed out a graph showing enrollment trends by class level from Fall 2000- Fall 2007. He also had the percentage of growth rate by major. The graph showed a slight drop in seniors from last fall. It was explained that this could be for many reasons, including restructuring of some of the graduation requirements for a few of the programs. Some students were able to graduate sooner than expected. The total enrollment was 4574 before 250 were dropped for non- payment.  The final count was 4444. That is a 5.7% increase in enrollment.

Mark asked if no show students should be removed out of classes? Julie said she encouraged her faculty to remove these students administratively. Everyone wanted to know when they could find out how many new faculty positions they could expect in the coming year. Alan said he will work on justifying the numbers with data before he goes to Zvi.


3.                 SACS

Becky has been very complimentary of the A & S departments for handling her requests in a timely manner.

Gen Ed Outcomes

A.    Alan handed out 2 lists of General Education Learning Outcomes. One was a very extensive list by the USG. The other list was one that Zvi had paired down to a list of only 8 items. Alan asked that everyone take this shorter list back to their faculty and get back to him with feedback on whether they felt this was a better list. Everyone at this meeting seemed to like this new list. Mark said he would take the list to his undergraduate faculty meeting on September 7, 2007. Everyone felt that if they strike out mathematics in number 4 then it could be used by both ETCMA and BCP.  When the final list is generated it will be sent to the UCC Committee.

B.    Alan stated that several of the committees will be needing the same information for different areas. He suggested that once you answer a question for one committee that you save this info and give the link to anyone else asking the same questions.

C.    Faculty Credentials: SACS will be wanting documentation that faculty have the proper degrees and are qualified to teach the classes they are teaching. Julie asked where she could find the form for doing this justification. Alan said he would check into this with Becky. Adjuncts will become an issue if the offsite team can't find the information justifying their qualifications. This information should be easy to for them to find.

D.    Mark said his department will be pulling random work from   students in designated classes to see if they are meeting their general education outcomes and benchmarks for that course. These assignments will be reviewed by a group of 2 or 3 faculty members not including the professor teaching the course. They will give an unbiased opinion as to whether the learning outcomes are being met. This material will also be helpful in doing the Course Reviews.


4.                 Engagement Reporting

Alan reminded everyone that the engagement reports are due next Friday and that the new faculty and adjuncts will probably need help.


5.                 Reappointments

 Debbie sent out the list for January 2008 reappointments today. Alan wanted everyone to remind the faculty on the list of the deadlines for submission. Some of the new faculty may need some guidance on what is required in these packages .