School of Arts and Sciences

Department Chair Meeting

Friday, February 9, 2007

2pm - 3pm

Math Department Conference Room


Those in Attendance: Alan Gabrielli, Andrew McMorran, Julie Newell, Mark Nunes, Phil Patterson and Laina Pond.




1.  Updates from departments

2.      Discussion on Exit Interviews for graduating seniors

3.      A&S Academic Plan

4.      Cross-disciplinary programs

5.      Faculty evaluations and recommended raises


  1. Updates from the Departments:
    1. BCP  A representative from Genius 360, an MCAT and PCAT training and tutorial company, spoke with students interested in raising their exam scores. The Biology search is well on it's way and the department is ready to begin inviting Chemistry and Physics applicants in for interviews.
    2. Math  The department has recently reviewed the online MAT proposal. An Addison-Wesley representative presented on the Math Excel online tutorial service. The $40 fee will give students access to the service and textbooks. Alan, Andrew and Julie discussed the tutorial service details and other options. Andrew noted that later on this month, the department will begin looking at applications for the Math lecturer position.
    3. SIS  So far there are ten Geography applicants, twenty-two history applicants and four psychology applicants. Julie expressed her concern over the low number of applicants and eligibility requirements. Mark explained his discussion with Zvi about hiring non-residents.  The applicant is responsible for obtaining residential eligibility. Alan suggested that we delay request the letters of reference and official transcripts until the applicant has been selected for candidacy, in order to speed up the screening process. Julie is waiting on approval from the Registrars office to allow for African-American studies course to meet Area C or E option.
    4. ETCMA  The Speech position search is going well, as well as the Spring Retreat plans in which the Academic Plan will be the topic of discussion. There is some discussion about offering an undergraduate TCOM certificate, in part to serve NENU students who are unable to come to SPSU to complete the 2+2 program in TCOM. The advising Task Force is working on an online training module for faculty members and Goalquest is up, but getting very little use. Alan and Mark discussed reaching unengaged students, Goalquest and other online options.
  2. Alan passed out a copy of the Salary Calculation spreadsheet, explaining the mechanism for distributing the 3% raise pool. Alan noted that Lecturers are entitled to raises, but not Instructors. Merit raise will most likely be around three percent this year.
  3. Alan passed the meeting over to Mark, who introduced the topic of standardizing exit interviews for graduating seniors in the A&S School. Andy and Phil explained that their departments were already administering exit interviews to graduating seniors and details about their interview process. Alan asked that each Department Chair submit all exit interview documents to Laina, so that she may compile them. Julie will check with Brenda Farrell on the possibility of making the exit interview a requirement for graduation.
  4. Alan asks if A&S should have an Academic Plan and how might that plan unfold. He also asked if there had been any department discussions on an Academic Plan. Phil announced that BCP will discuss the topic this upcoming week. Alan made suggestions for the discussion. Alan and Phil discussed the possible enrollment changes due to the engineering programs. Andrew raised the Academic Plan topic amongst the Math Faculty, but no suggestions were made. Alan and Andrew discussed possibilities of a Graduate Math program.
  5. As new academic programs become increasingly multidisciplinary, more interdepartmental planning is required. Alan explained that a proposed ETCMA Instructional Design MS would include some elements also offered in the Psychology program, and so tighter coordination between departments is needed to avoid duplication of effort and to ensure efficient use of faculty and resources. Alan suggests that we discuss all long-term program projects and proposals so that any department connections can be identified early. Alan and Andrew spoke of other ways communication would help between the different programs.
  6. Phil asked about P&P details on Instructor promotions. The most recent version of P&P 803.09 (passed by the Senate and Faculty but not yet posted) allows for lecturers to be promoted to a renewable position of Senior Lecturer after six years in rank.
  7. Alan asked that each department chair email Laina providing the best days and times for a presentation on Podcasting from Bob Brown.The next meeting will be held on Friday, February 23rd.