School of Arts and Sciences

Department Chair Meeting

Friday, January 26, 2007

2pm – 3pm

BCP Conference Room


Those in Attendance: Alan Gabrielli, Andrew McMorran, Julie Newell, Phil Patterson and Laina Pond.




1. Department Updates

2. Ongoing searches

3. Summer schedules

4. Academic Planning

5. New Business


  1. Updates from the Departments:
    1. SIS – The department is currently working on completing the Mission Statement, all Learning Outcomes are complete and in course syllabi. There are currently seven history applicants, five geography applications and three psychology applicants. Julie expects many more applications, as a result of recent job postings.
    2. Math – All Learning Outcomes have been posted online. The department received twenty applications for the open math position; however, four of the applicants were ineligible. Andy expressed his relief with completely filling all of the student positions (recitation positions and student assistants).
    3. BCP – The department is ready to begin interviewing candidates, as they have twenty-five Chemistry applicants, twelve Biology applications and around forty-five Physics applicants.
  2. The Filling Teaching Faculty Positions P&P is out of date, so Alan reviewed the steps, making appropriate corrections along the way. Alan noted that Department Chairs should construct an applicant evaluation instrument, and have him approve it before screening applicants. The search committee may not begin screening until all candidates are approved by Zvi. Alan noted that candidates employed by another USG school will require that we notify the home institution. Alan asked that any applicants interested in discussing salary ranges, be directed to him. After the search committee submits their applicant suggestions, Alan asks that the Department Chairs meet with him to discuss the final decision. Job offers most likely will be done by Zvi, who will also complete the Appointment packets. Department Chairs will then have to notify the other applicants.
  3. The Summer Semester schedule is due in Banner by March 2nd. Alan went over the Summer Semester enrollment trends for the past few years. Based on the numbers, Alan suggests we plan for a five to ten-percent increase in Summer 2007 A&S enrollment from that of Summer 2006. He added that it would be best to offer additional sections, since we operated at 95% capacity last summer semester. Zvi has decided that part-time faculty pay will be based on the same factors as they were based on last year. Alan and Julie discussed the part-time faculty hiring policy, pay constraints, and credit-hour requirements for faculty. Alan went over different hiring scenarios and possible options and outcomes. Phil and Alan discussed the Summer Semester pay-rate. Alan noted that we will have the same semester course options as we did last summer (4, 5, 8 and 10-week).
  4. The AP Steering Committee met this week, however, no progress has been made in the strategy nor has a chair been named. Alan noted that it is not too early for departments to begin brainstorming on program directions and plans. The Facilities Master Plan group met earlier this week and the consultants have been working with sub-committee members on the big picture. There will be a presentation for the entire campus scheduled soon.
  5. Alan discovered that the Faculty Senate approved new P&P for Faculty Evaluations in 2005, but they are not yet posted. The revised P&P that's available on the A&S website is almost identical to the new 2005 P&P, with only minor differences.



Next meeting will be  Friday, February 9th.