School of Arts and Sciences

Department Chair Meeting

January 26, 2006


11am – Noon




1.  Update from Deans Council

2.  Budget issues

3.  Status of new faculty searches

4.  Comprehensive University


Those in Attendance: Lawanda Cochrane, Joel Fowler, Alan Gabrielli, Phil Patterson, Laina Pond, Kenneth Rainey


  1. Alan began the meeting by updating everyone on the information from previous Dean's meetings:
    1. Ann Watson has created a new upscale Magazine, showcasing the major events and news of SPSU. The first issue will be released sometime during Spring 2006, and the magazine will be published once a year. Ann plans on contacting all Department Chairs for their suggestions on articles for the new magazine. Alan suggested that the Honors Program and the Usability Center would be useful information for the magazine. Alan asked that all Department Chairs forward any feature article suggestions to either him or Ann.
    2. International Programs are doing a good job of accepting exchange students, however the number of exchange students that we are sending abroad from SPSU has not done as well. Ken announced that the TOEFL scores for the 2+2 students from NENU will arrive soon, giving us an indication of the number of students, from that program, that will be coming to SPSU.
    3. During the Dean's meeting there were talks of the process for cancellation for non-payment of fees, and possible changes, however nothing was finalized. Alan and Joel discussed the process changes and the enrollment effects in terms of retention. Alan mentioned that Spring Semester enrollment is 98.5% of Fall Semester enrollment, which is good.
    4. The Georgia Highlands College at SPSU Satellite campus has experienced a decrease in enrollment of approximately 100 students. Joel and Alan discussed the enrollment expectations and possible changes in enrollment numbers for Fall Semester 2006. Alan mentioned that the low enrollment numbers justify the decision made last semester not to offer a provisional admission program.
    5. Final Exam coding errors in Banner have posed a problem on the Final Exam Schedule. All courses should be coded in Banner, showing whether or not each course will hold a Final Exam or not. Alan suggested making sure that the catalog entries are correct, and that changes should be made to the catalog, and not each section. This will allow for all future course offerings to reflect the changes. Joel warns that the catalog changes in Banner, are not retroactive, and that sections of the current schedule will not be updated with the change. Alan, Joel and Kenneth discussed their frustration with the Web Reports and Banner System. Joel suggests a Banner training session for all Banner users.
    6. Alan explained that some EIF's are coming in late, and if not submitted on time, some faculty, staff or student assistants may not get paid on time. Joel suggested turning in EIF's early, and then submitting Amended EIF's later.
    7. Alan reminded everyone that Faculty credentials need to be on file for all Part-time Faculty.
    8. The Promotion and Tenure process is far behind, in comparison with previous years. Alan explained that President and VPAA are working on them. Alan, Joel and Ken discussed the need for the Promotion and Tenure process to move quicker. (note: all the P&T packets from A&S were submitted on time - thank you, A&S Peer Committee.)
    9. Alan updated everyone on the following things:

-      J-building progress.

-      The new campus entrance project is in the planning stages.

-      Equity adjustment letters and emails have been sent out.

-      The Mission Statement proposal has been submitted to the Board of Regents, but has yet to be placed on the agenda.


    1. Tech Fee proposals are due February 1st. Equipment proposals redesignated as Tech Fee should be resubmitted as Tech Fee proposals.
    2. The deadline for entering schedules into Banner is around March 1st, and Banner is now open for entering the Summer Semester 2006 Schedule. The Part-time faculty for Summer Semester should stay within the Summer Semester budget, but if we see that additional funds are needed, please let Alan know as soon as possible. Alan and Ken discussed approximating the cost of Summer Semester Faculty. Alan and Joel discussed the budget sheet amounts, and whether or not the faculty/staff benefits are included in those amounts. Alan explained that the Summer Semester 2006 budget amount is the same as it was for Summer Semester 2005. La Juana mentioned that the Business Office has been charging the department secretary salary to the Student Assistant budget.
    3. Zvi has proposed that SPSU offer Academic Credit for some Continuing Education courses. This will help to generate additional funds. Alan and Joel discussed the number of courses that could be considered, and the number of credit hours that could be awarded.
  1. Budget issues were addressed in conjunction with the Dean's meeting updates (Agenda Item #1). Alan informed everyone that there are problems accessing the budget spreadsheets, but he's working on moving the files to a server, so that everyone can access and update the files.
  2. Faculty searches are under way.  Soon we'll be inviting the HTC Department chair candidates for campus visits. La Juana announced that SIS will begin reviewing applications for the History Lecturer position on February 1st.
  3. The Strategic Planning Task Force Committee is setting a goal of becoming a comprehensive university. A sub-committee is working on defining comprehensive university and laying out a plan for moving in that direction. More information will come as it develops.
  4. Joel mentioned a problem with Course Substitutions and transfer students, particularly with SPSU core courses. Joel, Ken and La Juana discussed their experiences with course substitutions.

Meeting was adjourned.