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About the School of Arts & Sciences

Our Objectives

Among its specific objectives, the School of Arts and Sciences strives to:

1. Ensure that all Southern Polytechnic State University students attain substantive knowledge and methodological skills in each of its various departments.

2. Cultivate throughout the curriculum well-developed skills in synthesis, analysis, problem-solving, and evaluation.

3. Strengthen every student's communication skills so that graduates can speak and write effectively.

4. Encourage students to engage in independent learning, to pursue intellectual excellence, and to formulate questions and possible solutions about individuals, society, and nature within an international context.

5. Provide opportunities for students to develop a better understanding of the world's diverse cultural heritage.

6. Encourage a careful examination of the effects of technological change on human behavior, society, value systems and ethics.

7. Provide opportunities to students for original research and exposure to cooperative experiences with private industry.



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Contact Us

Our office welcomes any walk-in visitors with different types of questions or needs for assistance. Besides walk-in, we can be easily reached in the following ways:

  • Call us at678-915-7464

  • Fax us at 678-915-5510

  • E-mail, or

  • Write to us at:

    School of Arts and Sciences

    Southern Polytechnic State University

    1100 South Marietta Parkway

    Marietta, GA 30060-2896

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