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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

“I believe everyone should come back to SPSU every 30 years and get another degree.” This summer, after finishing his third degree from SPSU, Tom Samford shared his perspectives on the experience, 30 years later.

“So after getting my two bachelors degrees in 1978, I returned in 2006 for a masters in information technology and graduated in May 2010. Here is what I have observed about the differences between these two periods of time:

“Thirty years of business experience places you at a significant advantage over the students who are in grad school right out of college. Most of the concepts that we studied were not only familiar to me, but I usually also had a real-world example to contribute to the discussion.

“Unlike when I was an undergrad, I had developed some great time-management habits over the years, and I understood that a deadline is a deadline. I never missed class; I turned in all assignments on time; I didn’t wait until the last minute to study; I made straight A’s. What could be simpler?

“Plus, I got to mingle with some of the brightest young people I’ve ever met. I even ran for and got elected to the Student Government Association again.

“So if you have been thinking about it, go ahead– Southern Tech is still a great place to get a hands-on education.”

Tom currently works for Automated Logic Corporation, a division of United Technololgies Carrier Corporation, and serves on the SPSU Foundation Board of Directors. He was president of the Student Government Association in 1978 and an SGA member from 2007 to 2009. He also serves on the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Mechatronics Industry Advisory boards.

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