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RC Pilot Camp

Camp Dates: (RC Camp Cancelled for 2014)


Basic Requirements

This is a flight training camp where students are taught how to operate Radio Controlled Aircraft. The age requirement to participate is 15-18 years. The idea is to learn to fly, operate, and maintain RC aircraft models. Although attending the Aerospace Engineering Camp is not required, the RC pilot camp draws upon the knowledge learnt in the AE Camp. All the material required for the camp is provided - students do not need to bring any equipment. However, students are welcome bring their own RC aircraft if they wish. Students will be responsible for all the equipment they bring to the camp.

General Information

Lunch is not provided during the camp. Students are requested to bring their own lunch / snacks. The camp is limited to 10 students. The registration is done on first come first served basis. We stop taking registrations when the camp is full.

Ground School

Following topics will be covered as part of the ground school.

  • Radio Control Systems
  • What do all the controls really means
  • Parts of Aircraft
  • Motions of aircraft
  • Coordinated Turns
  • Flight Maneuvers - Going up and down
  • Going faster or slower
  • RC Flight Simulator

Flight School

Students will be taken to the Stone Mountain Radio Control flying club. More information about the club is available on their website.

Students will fly with the camp director, who is a member of the club and holds the necessary insurance to fly RC aircraft. Following topics will be covered.

  • Where do we fly
  • Insurance
  • Instructors
  • Equipment
  • Field equipment
  • Flight training


The camp fee is $250/student. The fee covers all the instructions, RC flight simulator experience and lots of hands on RC flying. Note that the camp fee is non-refundable. Make the check payable to ‘Aerospace Engineering Camp’ and mail it to:

Dr. Adeel Khalid
School of Engineering

Southern Polytechnic State University
1100 South Marietta Parkway
Marietta, GA 30060

Contact Us

To register, send the following information via email to (

Emergency Contact:


Registration Form

Feel free to email us if you have any questions.