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Course Details

The focus of aerospace minor is to provide a comprehensive education to prepare graduates for productive careers with special emphasis on the needs of aviation, aerospace engineering, and related fields. The option will qualify students for entry level engineering jobs in the aeronautics / aviation / aerospace industry or related fields, for admission to graduate programs in aeronautics / aviation / aerospace engineering (or related fields), and for continued learning throughout their lives. In order to achieve these objectives, the following are the courses a student is expected to take.

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1. SYE 3801: Aerodynamics (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Calculus II, Math 2254

The atmosphere, incompressible and compressible one-dimensional flow, Airspeed measurement, Two-dimensional potential flow, Circulation theory of lift, Thin airfoil theory, Viscous flow, boundary layer, finite wing theory, drag in incompressible flow, wing-body interactions, laminar and turbulent flows, transition point, determination of skin friction drag on an airfoil, obtaining equations for streamline, for particle path, and for streakline in a flow field, compressible flow, shock waves, thermodynamics of gas flow, reversible and irreversible processes, changes in pressure, density, and temperature across shockwaves, isentropic duct flow and flow through nozzle.


2. SYE 3802: Aircraft Design and Performance (3 hours)

Prerequisite: SYE 3801

Airplane conceptual design principles are developed to meet modern aerodynamics, propulsion, structural, and performance specifications. A complete airplane is designed, resulting in a design package consisting of specifications, aerodynamic calculations, inboard profile drawing, weight and balance, general arrangement drawing, aerodynamic drag analysis, and complete performance report. Static performance and maneuvers in flight, aerodynamic performance of aircraft powered by reciprocating, turboprop, or jet turbine engines, Stability and control, weight and balance and operating data.


3. SYE 4801: Aircraft Propulsion (3 hours)

Prerequisite: SYE 3801

This course is concerned with the preliminary design, subject to specifications, of an air-breathing engine for aircraft propulsion. A complete engine is designed and presented with proposed engine layout, cycle calculations, installed performance, and engine sizing information. Design of inlet, fan, compressor, combustor, turbine, nozzle, and support systems are explored. The components are then integrated to verify that they function together. Calculations demonstrating that the proposed engine satisfies requirements are also presented. Propeller theory is discussed.


4. SYE 4802: Helicopter Theory (3 hours)

Prerequisite: SYE 3801

This course is concerned with the development of rotating-wing aircraft and the helicopter. Hovering theory and vertical flight performance analysis is discussed. Other topics include auto-rotation, physical blade motion and control, aerodynamics and performance of forward flight, blade stall, stability, and vibration problems.


5. SYE 4803: Senior Design Project (Aerospace) (3 hours)

Apply current design procedures to aerospace vehicles and systems. The course will use a progression of individual assignments, followed by team projects to develop aerospace system designs. Different projects will be used each year, and will include the national design competitions and joint project with other departments, teams e.g. ME, MET, Mechatronics, EE, etc.