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Jobs for Veterans and Military Service Personnel

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The goal of Soldier 2 Scholar (S2S) is to help those in military service make the transition to civilian life by means of a college degree. Originally launched in January 2010 through a consortium of nine University System of Georgia institutions, S2S helps veterans and reservists transition from the life of a soldier to that of a civilian by providing them with easy access to high-quality education.

The program is funded in part through a $4.2 million College Access Challenge Grant which the state received from the U.S. Department of Education. The S2S consortium recently added three new members, including SPSU.

S2S requires affiliated universities to provide an outreach center to handle inquiries from soldiers and their families about the institution’s enrollment process and veterans benefits. Soldiers may apply for GI Bill benefits at these centers, which also will assist with housing availability, work-study opportunities, counseling and campus activities, and will serve as a hub for their social activities.

SPSU’s Veterans Affairs Office is writing a proposal to establish a Vet Center that would serve the campus’ new Active Military Personnel and Veterans Organization (AMPVO), which already has about 30 members. The goal is to create an environment where AMPVO students can use their Veterans Affairs benefits to meet with tutors, have meetings and stay informed about veterans concerns.