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CLEP exam
Students may receive college credit for certain courses based on scores on the College Level Examination Program. Veterans and military may be eligible for financial assistance for CLEP tests. To obtain more information or to register for tests, please visit the website for SPSU Continuing Education.

To receive college credit, students must score as follows:

CLEP exam Minimum grade for credit SPSU course for which credit is given Credit hours awarded
American Government 50 POLS 1101* 3
American History 50 HIST 2111 or 2112* 3
College Algebra 50 MATH 1111 3
English Composition (Essay Edition) General Exam 50 ENGL 1101 3
English Literature 50 ENGL 2120 3
General Psychology 50 PSYC 1101 3
Introductory Calculus 50 MATH 2253 4
Introductory Micro/ Macro Economics 50 ECON 1101 3
Precalculus 50 MATH 1113 4
Western Civilization 50 HIST 1011, 1012, or 1013 3

*In order to receive credit for HIST 2111, HIST 2112 or POLS 1101 and satisfy the constitution requirement for graduation, the student must also complete HIST 2911 with a grade of "C" or better.