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GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8 (Formerly WebCT Vista)


WebCT Vista has now become GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8. To find support for the new system click below or proceed to the login page.



*eCore and WeBSIT students: Students taking eCore courses must log into eCore using the eCore GeorgiaVIEW Vista site to see their courses. The courses will not be displayed in the SPSU GeorgiaVIEW Vista system. The links to the eCore and WebBSIT GeorgiaVIEW Vista sites are below:

eCore Students - Click here to log into eCore GeorgiaVIEW Vista
WebBSIT Students - Click here to log into WeBSITGeorgiaVIEW Vista 


SPSU GeorgiaVista Login URL: http://spsu.view.usg.edu




GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8 will be unavailable during scheduled maintenance.
The maintenance dates and times are as follows:

*Please check below the table for additional, unscheduled down time*

Fall 2012
Maintenance Begins
Maintenance Ends 
Friday, Aug 17 Saturday, Aug 18
Friday, Aug 31 Saturday, Sept 1
Friday, Sept 14 Saturday, Sept 15
Friday, Sept 28 Saturday, Sept 29
Friday, Oct 12 Saturday, Oct 13
Friday, Oct 26 Saturday, Oct 27
Friday, Nov 9 Saturday, Nov 10
Friday, Nov 23 Saturday, Nov 24
Friday, Dec 7 Saturday, Dec 8
Friday, Dec 21 Saturday, Dec 22

GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8 Banner Update Schedule for Fall 2012

Vista will be updated from banner 24 hours after a banner data load has been processed. All data loads will be processed daily at 10am. The processing schedule for Fall 2012 is as follows:

16 Week and 8 Week Early Classes:

Tuesday August 7th - Friday August 31st.

8 Week Late Classes:

Wednesday October 3rd - Wednesday October 17th