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Registration Process

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You can register for classes from almost anywhere. All you need is a computer with access to the World Wide Web. If you do not have a computer at home or at work, there are several computer labs on campus you can use:

• The library's Knowledge Commons has several computers
• Several academic departments have computer labs that are open at various times.



1 Open your web browser - Internet Explorer for example
2 Go to Banner Web under Quick Links on the SPSU homepage
3 Log in.  Your User ID is your student number (see the Registrar’s Office if you do not know your number).  Your PIN is your birth date in MMDDYY format - Ex: 071162 is July 11, 1962.  You should change your pin as soon as you log in.
4 Select Student menu
5 Select Registration menu
6 Select Add/Drop menu
7 Select and submit the term for which you are registering – Spring 2003 for example
8 Add classes by typing in the CRN (course reference number) found in the Dynamic Bulletin.  Press the submit tab near the bottom of the page when you are finished adding classes.  Drop a class by pressing the tab under the action column that corresponds with the class you want to drop.  Change your schedule by selecting the appropriate action.  Submit your change by pressing the submit tab near the bottom of the page.  Note: You can search for classes using several variables by pressing the Class Search button near the bottom of the screen.
9 Exit when finished.
Note: If you get an error message, or cannot register, see your academic department office for help. You can check the status of holds and several other administrative functions in the web site. Experiment with the various links. It is in your best interest to become very familiar with what is available.



Prerequisite and Test Score Errors
If you have not completed the prerequisite for a course, or if there is a test score required such as the MAT test for math courses, the computer system will not let you register unless you have met the requirement. If you believe you have met the requirements and the computer still won't let you register, see the department that is responsible for the class for an override. You will have to satisfy the department head that you have, in fact, met the requirement or should be exempted from meeting it.

Exceeding Your Maximum Allowable Hours
Note: Maximums for summer term are different. Contact your academic department for information.

If you are You can automatically register for Your Program Head can authorize
A Graduate Student 13 hours 16 hours
An Undergraduate Student 18 hours 21 hours
An Undergraduate Student on Probation 13 hours 18 hours

Time Conflicts
The computer is programmed to prevent you from registering for classes that meet at the same time or have an overlapping time period. Usually, there is no recourse. There are occasionally exceptions. These exceptions would be granted by either the professors teaching the classes, or the program heads controlling the classes involved. The Registrar's Office will not over-ride a time conflict for you without the permission of the faculty.

Link Errors
Certain classes are designed to be linked to other classes. If you receive a link error, you have attempted to enroll in a class that is linked to another class. You must sign up for both of the
classes to avoid the link error.

Problems Registering From Off Campus
If you experience problems logging on while trying to register from off-campus, try setting your browser to accept cookies. Most problems are related to web browsers. We have had less trouble with Netscape Navigator than with any other browser. Your problem could also be related to the firewalls that most corporate computer systems have in place. Contact your company's Information Technology department for help.

Registration Restrictions
Some classes are designed to only allow a specific type student to register (only seniors, for example).  If you want in to a restricted course, you must see the department that controls the

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