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Office of the Registrar
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Phone (678) 915-4200
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Current and former Southern Polytechnic State University students may order official transcripts by clicking on the National Student Clearinghouse link in their BANNER account.  (If unable to access your BANNER account, please click here - My Student Center by the National Student Clearinghouse.)  Please note: Although transcripts are ordered via the Clearinghouse,  they are printed and mailed directly from the Registrar's Office at SPSU.  The transcript fee is $4.25 plus any applicable delivery fee (outlined below). All transcripts include your entire academic record without exception. We cannot issue a transcript if you have any financial indebtedness to the University. 

Transcript Delivery Options Fee
Hold for Pickup $0
Mail $0
UPS 2nd Day Air - United States $25
UPS 2nd Day Air - Canada & Mexico $35
UPS 2nd Day Air - International $45

An unofficial copy of your transcript can be obtained online through the BANNER student information system also.

Southern Polytechnic State University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as our agent for providing enrollment and degree verifications.  Please note: Your verification will not be released if you have financial indebtedness to the university.

Enrollment Verifications - Students can print official enrollment verification certificates free of charge using the National Student Clearinghouse link in their BANNER account.  All certificates include the student's anticipated graduation date.

Degree Verifications - Degree verifications can be printed for a fee of $7.50 directly from My Student Center by the National Student Clearinghouse.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 678-915-4200 or



Students who have not attended Southern Polytechnic State University for two or more semesters (including Summer) must complete the Readmission Application.  Completed applications, along with a copy of your driver's license for proof of lawful presence, may be submitted in the following ways: by scan to, by fax to 678-915-7292, or in person.  There is no application fee.  Official transcript(s) are required from all other schools that were attended during a student's absence from SPSU.  Readmission is valid only for the semester selected.  To update an application for a new semester, send an email to  The deadline for readmission is 20 days prior to the beginning of the semester.  The deadline is firm.



A student placed on suspension must complete the Reinstatement Petition in order to return to Southern Polytechnic State University.  Once completed, and the Department Chair has made their recommendation, the petition must be returned to the Registrar's Office.  It is then reviewed by the Student Status Committee.  An email will be sent to the student regarding their decision.  Reinstatement petitions must be submitted no later than 20 days prior to the beginning of the term to allow for appropriate review.


Calculating your cumulative grade point average (GPA) is fairly simple.  First, you must calculate your quality points.  Each grade you receive is worth a number of points per credit hour as follows:

A - 4 points
B - 3 points
C - 2 points
D - 1 points
F - 0 points

If you take a 4 credit-hour course, and make an A, you have earned 16 quality points.  If you earn a B, you have 12 quality points.  Of course, if you earn an F, 0 times any number

Determine the number of quality points for each course, then add up the total quality points you have earned.

Next, simply divide the total quality points you have earned, by the total number of hours of credit for which you have received a grade.
Here is an example:

A student earned the following grades for the indicated number of hours:

Grade Credit Hours Quality Points

Total Quality Points = 36

Total number of credit hours for which a grade has been earned = 14

GPA = 36 divided by 14 = 2.57

A 4 4 x 4 = 16
A 2 4 x 2 = 8
C 3 2 x 3 = 6
F 3 0 x 3 = 0
B 2 3 x 2 = 6

  • Courses earned in a remedial status do not count in either GPA.
  • Courses applied toward CPC deficiencies do not count in either GPA.
  • If you are a graduate student, undergraduate courses do not count in your graduate GPA.
  • There are other GPAs, for example, the Hope GPA.

If you have both quarter work and semester work, it is not a simple matter of adding the two GPAs together and dividing by two.  To get an accurate GPA, you either have to convert the quarter work to semesters or the semester work to quarters.  A semester hour is about 1.5 quarter hours.  We suggest you don't try this at home.



 23 or lower MAT 1 & 2 

Placement MATH 1111 (College Algebra) 

24 or higher MAT 1 & 2 

Placement MATH 1113 (Pre-Calculus)

26 or higher MAT 1 & 2
and 8 or higher MAT 3

 Placement MATH 2253 (Calculus I) or
MATH 2240 (Survey of Calculus)




To change your name, please bring your written request along with a copy of supporting documentation (marriage certificate, court order document, divorce decree, or passport) to the Registrar's Office.

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