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Recruiting Students and Alumni

Thank you for seeking us out to find out more about our services and about posting employment opportunities!  Our Center can assist you with finding bachelor’s and master's degree graduates, alumni and certificate students for permanent, cooperative education, internship and part-time job opportunities.

There are a variety of ways you can pursue our students and graduates as potential employees:

  • Posting full-time career related jobs for graduates and alumni.
  • Posting full-time miscellaneous, part-time or temporary job opportunities for students.
  • Participating in the Cooperative Education Program, which allows students to alternate periods of off-campus work assignments with on-campus academic study.
  • Participating in theInternship Program, which allows students to be in a short-term or part-time assignment.
  • Attending SPSU career fairs.
  • Scheduling On-Campus Interviews and/or Company Information Sessions.

To facilitate the recruiting process, you will need to register in our Career Link database. This provides you with the ability to...

  • Visit one centralized online location to post and manage an unlimited number of jobs
  • Set parameters for your job openings
  • Receive email reminders when postings are about to expire
  • Schedule on-campus interviews and/or information sessions
  • Manage student applications for on-campus interviews
  • Register online for our career fairs

The process for employers who want to post jobs (full-time, part-time, co-op or internships) for current students and alumni is simple...

  • Register and create your company profile (along with a statement that you are an AA/EEO employer) and contact information in our CAREER LINK  database.  
  • Once you have completed that information, your account has to be activated.

(NOTE: Please allow 24-48 hours for processing during regular business hours).

  • You will receive an automatic email telling you your account is active; then you can post the job description to your account in the CAREER LINK database.
  • Students/alumni will be able to view and apply for your vacancies based on the qualifications in your position posting. 

Please NOTIFY us when the job is filled.  That may be done in Career Link by selecting -  "REPORT YOUR HIRES" or you may email us at with the information (person hired, job title, starting salary, starting date).

NOTE:  If your company is already registered in the database, you will need to register and add your contact information to our database. 

  • Click on "Click here to register" in CAREER LINK's Employer Database and type in your company's name.
  • Create a new contact for yourself. 
You may need to update the Company information if it has been a while since the company last posted with us.


(cooperative education and internship)

The Co-op Program allows students to alternate periods of off-campus work assignments with on-campus academic study.  Undergraduates work three alternating semester work periods and graduate students work two alternating semester work periods for the same employer.  Only students in good academic standing are eligible to participate.   The Internship Program allows students to work in short-term or part-time assignments depending on the need of the employer.  Internships do not require students to make long-term commitments to work for the same employer for three alternating semesters.

Access to resumes of SPSU students and alumni

  • Those employers posting permanent, full-time, career related (directly related to one of our majors) employment may search the Resume Book in the database and contact the candidates directly or have them apply according to the instructions given in the job posting.
  • Resume referrals are made via the database to employers seeking candidates for paid internships or cooperative education positions (see requirements for internships and/or co-op positions).

All other positions (full-time miscellaneous, part-time, seasonal, temporary and those posted by third party recruiters) are listed as “Contact On Your Own.”  Students and/or alumni will follow the application instructions you indicate.

Note:  Third Party Agencies (temporary agencies, temp-to-hire agencies, search firms, etc.) are not eligible for candidate resume search privileges.  Positions posted will be shown as “contact on your own.”

Employing organizations that recruit Southern Poly students and alumni are expected to follow the Principles for Employment Professionals  and the Third Party Recruiting Policy and Practices established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.