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The mission of the School of Arts and Sciences is to provide a broad range of knowledge, programs, and opportunities in support of the overall mission of the university. The School of Arts and Sciences emphasizes the applied nature of the disciplines within its scope inside the framework of a liberal education and strives to serve the needs of the whole student.

Serving the whole student means providing courses, programs, and activities leading to a balanced education. Towards this end undergraduate and graduate courses throughout the School of Arts and Sciences foster openness to new ideas, inquisitiveness, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and a desire for continued learning. The School provides opportunities to students, both undergraduate and graduate, for original research, advanced training and skills, and exposure to cooperative experiences with private industry. A further part of the mission of the School is to help students develop a critical perspective on themselves and their work by providing them with an understanding of their own culture, as well as an exposure to other cultures and societies and an appreciation of the world in which they live. In general, students are active participants rather than observers; they are regarded as citizens and future leaders as well as potential masters of their disciplines.

The Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences is Dr. Julie R. Newell
The Secretary to the Dean is Ms. Alda Wood.

Building J Room 304

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