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University Values

The enduring values (from the SPSU Strategic Plan 2010 – 2013)

Early in their discussions in 2009, the University Institutional Effectiveness Council members reviewed and reaffirmed the values that the University had identified in its previous planning cycles. These values were the explicit foundation of the 2002-03 strategic plan, and they remain the basis for this new one. This summary of the University’s values and relationship responds to the question “Who and what are important to us?” As a University, Southern Polytechnic holds the following core values as important in defining the institution:

…respect. We value respect for other people and for the unique importance of every member of the University community in achieving the mission of the institution. Respect is manifested by the way in which we interact with each other individually and collectively, in conversations, in meetings, in campus events, and both inside and beyond the classroom.

…integrity. We value integrity in every aspect of the life of the University, where the health of the institution depends on the integrity of the individuals and their relationships and dealings with each other.

…life-long learning. We value having every member of the University community engaged in a process of life-long learning. Continuous learning is manifested by the University’s support for staff and professional development, for on-going training programs and workshops, for providing continuing education opportunities for the region, and for ensuring that students develop a love of  learning as part of their academic experience at SPSU.

…responsibility. We value the sense of responsibility that individuals assume for their actions and decisions and for actively pursuing the best interests of the University community. Responsibility is manifested by consistent efforts by individual staff, faculty, and students to be actively engaged in solving problems that confront the University and to be involved in making the University a better place to work, learn, and teach.

…continuous improvement. We value the on-going efforts of the entire
community to find better ways to fulfill our mission. Continuous improvement is manifested by maintaining open dialogs about ways to improve, by monitoring our key indicators, and by a willingness to experiment with new solutions to problems.

…collaboration and cooperation. We value the process and results of working together as a community that shares a common mission and goals. Collaboration and cooperation are manifested by sharing work and responsibility among all parts of the University, by interdisciplinary academic activities and programs, and by partnerships with business, industry, government agencies, and all segments of the educational spectrum.

As a community, Southern Polytechnic State University also values…

…students who seek knowledge and its practical application;

…graduates who contribute to the state, the region, and their profession;

…faculty who share their knowledge and experience with students in the
teaching and learning process, who are actively engaged in their academic
disciplines, and who contribute to the broader communities;

…staff and administrators who ensure the educational environment on campus supports teaching and learning, facilitate the efficient handling of the University’s business, and provide superior student services;

… the University System of Georgia and the increased credibility and
opportunities it provides SPSU to collaborate with sister institutions in Georgia, giving students broader opportunities and career choices;

…partners in business and industry who support our programs, advise about our curriculum, and hire SPSU students and graduates;

…the Marietta and Cobb County communities that support the University;

…the Georgia, regional, and national communities that support the University by supplying our students, hiring our graduates, and supporting our programs;

…members of the international community, because these students play an
important role in enriching the campus environment and because all SPSU
students benefit through the University’s exchange and study abroad programs;

…knowledge and its discovery, organization, transmission, creation, and

…diversity, in all forms, within the University community.

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